I’ve been interested in moths for several years, and have been observing and trying to identify the ones around where I live. I also look for moths when I travel, and I like to see the moths that other people are finding in other parts of the world.

It helps me to identify moths when I can see photos of identified moths from the same geographic area. That’s what this site is all about. I hope that making moth photos easier to find will make it easier for people to learn more about the moths that they see. I’d like to link to as many moth sightings as I can find – regional lists as well as site specific lists. I especially like lists that have photos of the moths, and information about their habitat or host plants. I hope these records of moth sightings around the world will encourage more people to get interested in looking at and learning about moths.

Here’s a map of the lists I’ve found so far. The balloons indicate links to moth lists. Click on the link below the map to see a larger version, and be able to zoom in on where each balloon is located. To see maps of smaller areas – individual continents – click on the name of the area in the list on the right side of the page.

Key to balloon colors:

– lists from small areas – back yards, parks, private land, etc.
– state/provincial lists
– country lists

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